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Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement

Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement: What You Need to Know

Monsanto is a well-known agricultural company that has been at the forefront of genetically modified organism (GMO) technology for years. However, as with any new technology, there are concerns about its impact on the environment and human health. To address these concerns, Monsanto has implemented a Technology Stewardship Agreement (TSA) to ensure responsible use of its technology.

What is the Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement?

The Monsanto TSA is a legal agreement that outlines the terms and conditions for the use of Monsanto’s patented GMO technology. It is a contract that farmers sign when they purchase Monsanto’s seeds or other products containing the company’s technology.

The TSA is designed to ensure that farmers use Monsanto’s technology in a responsible and safe manner. It requires farmers to follow specific guidelines and protocols for the use of Monsanto’s products. These guidelines include:

1. Proper use and application of Monsanto’s products

Farmers must follow specific guidelines for the use and application of Monsanto’s products. This includes using the correct amount of pesticide and herbicide, as well as following proper application techniques.

2. Compliance with regulatory requirements

Farmers must comply with all federal and state regulations for the use of Monsanto’s products. This includes obtaining appropriate permits and licenses for the use of GMO technology.

3. Protection of intellectual property rights

Farmers must respect Monsanto’s intellectual property rights by not saving or replanting seeds containing the company’s technology. They must also prevent the spread of genetically modified traits to non-GMO crops.

4. Reporting and record-keeping

Farmers are required to keep accurate records of their use of Monsanto’s products and submit annual reports to the company.

Why is the Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement important?

The Monsanto TSA is essential for ensuring that the company’s technology is used responsibly and safely. It promotes compliance with federal and state regulations and protects the environment from the potential harm caused by the misuse of GMO technology.

Furthermore, the TSA helps to safeguard Monsanto’s intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights are essential to incentivize innovation and investment in new technologies. Without protection for intellectual property, companies like Monsanto would have little incentive to engage in the costly research and development required to bring new products to market.

In addition, the TSA promotes transparency and accountability. By requiring farmers to keep accurate records and submit annual reports, Monsanto can monitor the use of its products and respond to any concerns about their safety or impact on the environment.


The Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement is an essential tool for promoting responsible and safe use of GMO technology. It ensures compliance with federal and state regulations, protects intellectual property rights, and promotes transparency and accountability. As such, it is an important step in ensuring that the benefits of GMO technology are realized while minimizing its potential risks.